Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bargin Shopping

Yesterday Husband and I went and did a little b-day shopping because someones b-day is coming up! (that is right my big 23rd birthday is soon to be upon us!)

Husband kindly let me go to 'my' stores while he went to 'his' stores. I chose Aeropostale as my first stop. I worked my way into things by browsing the whole women's section and ending at the clearance rack. Once I had a sweet clearance item in hand nothing was holding me back.

I tried on the clearance top and a pair of skinny jeans and LOVED them both. Unfortunately the tag said these rockin jeans were $40. I decided I loved them enough it was worth it.

The sales lady rung up my clearance top and my fabulous new jeans and said "Your total will be $28."

I said "Whoa! How much were those jeans?"

She replied "$20" and I was like "THAT IS AWESOME! You just made my night!"

Then I proceeded to run out of the store to tell Husband of my great bargain shopping skills (even though there really were no skills involved with the sales lady telling me the jeans were cheaper than I thought). It was truly a VERY happy moment. Feel free to behold your eyes on birthday jeans.