Friday, September 25, 2009

Long time no write

So much has happened in the last...two weeks since I last posted. I won't try and catch up on everything but I will mention a few of the highlights.

First of all I went rapelling! So fun and so adventurous of me...don't you think?? I wrote a huge long post about this, then my internet wigged, I lost the whole thing and now I just don't have the desire to write about it anymore.

Me rapelling! The wall wasn't as fus as...

...the free falling! Love this! Tiny bit scary at first but so cool!

Me and my cute mom who was so kind as to invite me to their Enrichment activity so I could rappel!

Another highlight the last two weeks was that Spencer, Husbands brother, got married to his now beautiful wife Wendy! So excited to have another awesome sister-in-law! Here are few pics from the day.

The Bride and Groom.aka Spencer & Wendy.

The cute church they got married in

The Leavitt brothers (minus Tyler he wasn't there yet)

Me and Husband! Doesn't he look handsome?

Husband and Blair doing their gangsta signs. Saying "WORD!"

Me and Ellie's shoes. The girls had the cutest "princess" dresses and were the most adorable flower girls ever!

We had a great time at the wedding and both Husband and I are so happy for Spencer and Wendy!

The last and final highlight is that Husband and I had our 5 month anniversary on Thursday September 24th! Can you believe it has been 5 months already? We have almost been married half a year! I love married life and I love my husband even more! He is truly a blessing in my life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

duzy of an employee

My mom and I seem to have the most fun doing the most mundane of things. While I was home over the weekend mom and I went and did a bit of late night grocery shopping.

We were headed to Smith's and on the way we were reminiscing about how much of the time during my growing up years we had gone to Smith's. My mom mentioned that she hadn't been to Smith's in a really long time as she usually goes to a grocer closer to home.

Our experience once inside Smith's was definitely one to remember. The purpose of going to Smith's was to purchase some cinnamon bread that no other grocer carries. My mom was going to "stock" up. Well of course because she came to "stock" up there were only two loaves left and as my mom put it "this will feed our family for one meal."

Needless to say some more loaves would have been nice. So my mom decides to ask one of the girls working near the bakery. Here is how the conversation went...

Mom: Do you by chance have any more loaves of this bread in the back?

Teenage punk girl: I have NO IDEA! [said with a hint of valley girl and a little too much attitude]

Nice helpful boy: You know they might. I will go check.

[I just want to point out that one of these two paid attention in customer service training and the other did not. I'll let you take a guess on that one.]

Nice helpful boy: Sorry, there weren't any back there.

Teenage punk girl: [Now decides to share her wisdom about the cinnamon bread] Yeah, they bake that fresh everyday. So once its gone its gone.

[Thank you teenage punk girl. So glad you told us this AFTER you claimed to have "NO IDEA" with what was going on]

I may or may not have re-enacted this a couple times, one of which teenage punk girl might have over heard and decided to try out that thing they call customer service.

The fun didn't end there though. We went to check out and my mom asked about the Fresh Values card that Smith's offers. Specifically my mom just wanted to know if it was free. The girl filled us in and graciously allowed us to have the discount without having to sign up that day. Then we get to the humorous part. She then proceeds to ask...

"Did you just move here?"

What!??????? What kind of question is that? Do you just assume that if we have the nerve to not have a Fresh Values card that we must be from out of town? It had to be the weirdest question I have ever been asked. I wanted so badly to know what her thought process to come to the conclusion that it would be a good thing to ask us that.

We left Smith's vowing never to return.

it's your lucky day!

Today after work I came home and there were a bunch of green fliers on some of the cars in the parking lot. I was curious as to what they were advertising. This is what they said...

"It's your lucky day! To get a valid parking sticker."

Oh yay! I am so excited it is my lucky day! Now I get to fork over more money for a little parking tag so that I can have the PRIVILEGE of parking in my very own apartment complex parking lot in which I don't already pay a fortune to live in anyway.

Seriously, I want to meet the person who made that flier and find out why in heavens name the phrase "lucky day" came to mind.

[A quick side note: Documentation of all you pay for can save lives! Or save you $25. I was able to prove to my managers that we already paid our $25 parking sticker which she told me we had NOT paid for. A little paperwork can go a long way. The end.]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

park city

Husband and I had a great labor day weekend. Although we didn't spend all of it together we certainly enjoyed the time we did.

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at home with the fam while Husband got some serious studying done. We had a delightful Sunday dinner with my family and then Husband and I drove back to Provo.

Now Monday is where the fun begins. First of all no work no school life is already good. Add in some good breakfast and deep cleaning and you are already at a great day! Then Husband and I drove to Park City to have a little adventure on the zip line. True we had to wait in line for a little while but it was so worth it. Afterwards we did a little shopping, came home at some delicious frozen pizza and fresh fruit. It was a WONDERFUL day!

Not to mention we now have a short week. So nice. Here are some pics from our labor day activities.
Getting ready to be let loose on the zipline! What a rush!

This is what it looked like from the bottom. We came down line from the top of the mountain. So sweet!

Husband and I did a little looking in the ski shops. I am in search of a sweet ball cap but Husband thought I would look good in this one. I think I could make a good cow girl!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

summer blues

...or rather summer ending blues. This week everyone went back to school, except me. Or at least it felt that way. So let's be honest I really miss school sometimes and especially when everyone else is beginning a new year.

I have now been working full time for a year and this was the first time that I wasn't either going back to school or having something new and exciting happen (starting a new job last year) and I struggled a bit. And then to top it off the summer months are almost over and the cold is coming and I am just not ready for it!

I decided I need something to look forward to and I am on the hunt to find that something. I will let you know as soon as I find it. If you have any great ideas please share!