Saturday, November 29, 2008

Me + Cooking= Bad News

I had a horrible realization this week. I pretty much stink at cooking. I always knew I wasn't the greatest but when I burned a sandwich that I was just trying to grill I realized that I need help. Poor S.O. was stuck eating a burnt sandwich for lunch. I swear that sucker (the sandwich that is) burnt in like 30 seconds. I was trying to be so careful NOT to burn the sandwiches but to no avail they burned.

I pin pointed what it is that turns me from bad cook to horrible cook and that is cooking for others. As soon as I am cooking for someone else all cooking skills go out of the window. I get nervous like I always did before my piano recitals (hated piano recitals and probably could have vomited every time I had one). I am somewhat of a perfectionist and that doesn't help with the low cooking self esteem. I am determined to get better though. It is just going to take practice and some willing and forgiving eaters who will endure what could be some really frightening attempts at meals so that I can overcome my cooking inabilities.

P.S. I come from a family of really good cooks my hope is that they all started out like me and that maybe there is still some hope for me.

T-day Recap

What a great weekend it has been and it isn't over! I am just now getting to catch up on my blog reading and writing and it is Saturday afternoon. I have kept myself busy spending time with family and of course S.O.

Thanksgiving was so nice. We had Thanksgiving here at our house. It was the Garrett's year so we had the grandparents and 4 out of the 6 of my dad's siblings with us as well. Also a wonderful addition to the crowd was S.O. who I happily introduced to all of my dad's family (I think we just have one more aunt & uncle to go on my dad's side). Also S.O. was introduced to my mom's dad, who had previously called and arranged to be sure to come when he could meet S.O. That's right, an interogation was going to go down.

[I love when my family is protective of me. I have had both grandparents express that they must approve of S.O. and make sure that he is good enough for me. I also have wonderful neighbors who also feel the same. It makes me feel so loved.]

After finding out what S.O. is studying and what he ultimately wants to do my grandpa told me that he approved. I officially have approval from both grandpa's so I am good to go! I wasn't worried. S.O. is very impressive and an amazing young man. Who wouldn't be impressed?

T-day went well without too many embarrassing moments until both of my grandpa's talking about beer. This had to be the funniest thing but completely out of the ordinary. I was amazed how far they went with joking about having a few beers in the fridge. Finally my dad cut in and said something like "Alright you two not in this house!" LOL! I thought it was the cutest thing to watch both of my grandpas chuckle and smile at the reaction they had gotten out of their antics. I have such a great family!

S.O. and I also spent some time with his family. This included a lively game of Catch Phrase in which the girls whomped on the boys for both games. We also played a compatibility game with S.O.'s married brother and sister. With three couples total S.O. and I came in second (with a little bit of cheating. I know I know cheating is wrong but give us a break we were already at a disadvantage because we were the only ones not married. We had to even the playing field a little bit.) Both S.O. and I agreed that it was a stupid game and was all pure luck and had nothing to do with compatibility. It was good times though. I really do love S.O.'s family.

Overall the big T-day was wonderful and couldn't have been more perfect. I am a very blessed and I had a lot of gratitude for these blessings this Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008

grandma corner

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending S.O.'s ward and as he likes to say "show me off." Don't worry I already "showed him off" a couple weeks ago. We of course got to enjoy the first two meetings together but then of course there is the fated separation that must occur. Now we still WANT to be together so separating is sometimes a painful thing.

Needless to say I was concerned about not being with him and of course and even bigger concern of who was I going to sit by in RS! [his mom serves in the nursery and his visiting married sister was missing in action. So I was left to fend for myself]. Luckily the sweetest sister ever came up to us and asked if I would like to sit by her in RS. I thankfully accepted. Before I knew it I was surrounded by some of the cutest old ladies ever.

I just have to comment on my experience in RS. Now as adorable as each of these old ladies were they could not sing if their little delicate lives depended on it. Of course they all THOUGHT that they could sing so they were not holding all. It was so bad I found that I couldn't even sing! All the sudden I had lost all ability to even carry a tune, they sucked any musical talent that I have out of me. There were a couple ladies who THOUGHT that they should be in the Mormon Tabernacle choir and that their talent wasn't truly appreciated. Others thought that they were the undiscovered opera star and were happily sharing their talents with the rest of the room.

To top it off I was swimming in an cloud of "grandma perfume" as I like to call it. You know the smell. The scent that smells like it is 70 years old and also is more powerful then you could ever imagine a perfume being. You almost get to the point that you wonder if you are going to start hallucinating because the fumes are starting to get to you.

Besides the fact that I was surrounded by a bunch of Mormon Tab wannabes who smelled like they walked out of 1950 I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the grandma corner.

Thankful November 24th

Really thankful for running water. I didn't realize that not having running water meant that I couldn't use the bathroom. Dumb I know. At work today the water had to be turned off so they could do some work on the pipes and so that meant that ALL the bathrooms were out of commission.

[It is amazing how as soon as you can't have something or use something you need it more than ever! I experienced this today. I normally don't have to use the bathroom all that much during the day but as soon as I knew I couldn't go if I needed to I felt like there was absolutely no way I was going to make it to 5:00. Don't worry, I made it...but it was not easy.]

All in all I had an increased appreciation and gratitude for running water and how convenient it makes our lives.

Thankful November 21,22, & 23

So I got a little behind this weekend on my thankful November's. I had a little distraction...


Here is a recap for the last few days.

21st-Grateful for weekends! So thankful that we have a few days to recoup and get a little break from work.

22nd- Thankful for comfy clothes...more specifically jammies. There is nothing better than after being in a dress all day long to get into comfy clothes that completely cater to lounging.

23rd-Thankful for pictures. How wonderful is it that we can capture moments in time so that we can later go back and revisit those memories. Love being able to learn of others lives through pictures and also take a trip down memory lane through the wonderful memories in my own life.

So much to be grateful for!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful November 20th

So thankful that the piano playing maniacs upstairs [I swear they never stop playing the piano. I wake up and they are playing the piano. I come home for lunch and they are playing the piano. I am eating dinner and they are playing the piano. I am going to bed at 12:00 at night and they are playing the piano (this is for real)] Anywho...the piano playing maniacs upstairs learned how to actually play a real song! For the past three months that I have lived in my apt. the piano playing person(s) have only been playing random scales and what sounds like random pounding of the piano day in and day out. Thankfully today I recognized a tune! I couldn't believe it. I am forever going to have "Because I Have Been Given Much" stuck in my head but it is nice to actually get to hear a song! For this I am grateful.

sweet surprise

I think you really love someone when you receive a package and you see their name is on the return address and you get REALLY excited! I mean REALLY excited.

S.O. sent me a little package which I received yesterday and it was such a lovely surprise. In my package was a beautifully written and sweet letter (love letter #8) [we send each other love letters because we are doing the long distance thing. You know flirt long distance style. We number them because when the first love letter was sent it was titled “Love Letter #1.” and have just kind of stuck with it since then. Now it is my turn to send love letter #9. How can I make it special?]. Also in the package was a Caramello. This boy really knows me! He knows of my deep love for chocolate and he sent this candy bar in hopes of satisfying my chocolate craving that comes so frequently.

I love packages. I love letters [especially love letters]. I love chocolate and I love S.O. I am one lucky girl!

I already ate some of the Caramello. Seriously, cravings all the time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful November 19th

I am really thankful for insurance. I am thankful that I work for a company that has good benefits that allow me to be able to afford to receive health care. This really is such a blessing. I am so grateful that I can go to the dentist or doctor and not have to pay a fortune! Sometimes being "all grown up" can be tough and especially hard on the wallet but because of insurance I am able to get the medical and dental help that I need. I truly am blessed even if the dentist appointment ended in me having a couple of cavities.

Thankful November 18th

I am grateful for all the people who go to work everyday and do their jobs. Have you ever really thought about the fact that if everyone just up and quit going to their jobs we wouldn't be able to do anything! There would be no person to check us out at the grocery store, no one to help us at the bank, and no one to place our order at a restaurant. I am thankful for all the people who do their jobs and do them well. Having a friendly cashier can make all the difference in your day and I sure am glad when I get that friendly cashier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thankful November 17th

So thankful for medicine! I am not one to take a lot of medication but you better believe that when I get a migraine I am taking something. Those babies will take me out if I don't. Nausea, sensitivity to light, and not to mention a throbbing head. No fun. I am so glad that we medicine to help ease our pain (especially when you are someone like me with fairly low pain tolerance). I am so grateful that we continue to make medical discoveries to better combat the diseases and illnesses of the world. I hope that all the trained medical professionals continue to do what they are so good at and help to keep us all healthy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thankful November 16th

I am so thankful for roommates. I am thankful for past and present roommates. Good roommates that is. I have been so blessed by having really great roommates. Every stage of my life I have had roommates that have been a perfect fit for what I needed at that time. I had such fun roommates when I was a freshman. We were crazy and lived the college life to its fullest. That is when I began to realize what a true meaningful friendship meant. As I moved onto new roommates I found even more what it was like to really open up to someone and to literally feel as though you can share anything with them and that it will be safe. I have been taught so much by the girls I have lived with and I would never change any of it for the world. I love my cute roomies now. I was left all alone today and I really missed having them around. I am so grateful for the wonderful roommates that I have had and currently have and the way in which they have impacted my life.

Thankful November 15th

I am so thankful for washers and dryers. I washed my sheets, comforter, and even decorator pillow cases today. The works! As I was doing it I thought about how grateful I am that we have these wonderful machines that clean our clothes, sheets, towels etc. We have it so easy. How convenient is it that we can just put our clothes in a machine, come back in 45 minutes put them in another machine and wala you have clean clothes! I love love love clean sheets especially when you use fabric softeners and they smell so nice afterwards. I couldn't enjoy this simple pleaure as quickly and conveniently without washers and dryers. Glad we have machines that cater to my OCD about cleanliness.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankful November 14th

So thankful for chocolate! I honestly don't think I could survive without it. You know I try and make myself feel good about the fact that I am not hooked on drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes but if we are really being honest I am totally addicted to chocolate. I went a whole month without sugar (yes I really made it a whole month) and I was probably the most unhappy, grouchiest person alive that whole month. I think I literally have something in my body that NEEDS chocolate. I was feeling a little drowsy at work the other day and so I just popped in one of my trusty little Hershey mini chocolate bars that I keep on hand at work and whabam I was wide awake. Granted it only lasted like 5 minutes but that just gave me all the more reason to eat a few more! Really though I am so glad we have delectable, delicious, and oh so satisfying chocolate in the world. It brings me joy!

Thankful November 13th

I am a little late on this post (a day) but my sweet mom was visiting yesterday and I just simply didn't have time to post anything. We were having too much fun having mother daughter bonding. In honor of my mom's visit I would like to say how grateful I am for a WONDERFUL mother AND a WONDERFUL father. I am SO blessed because of the great parents that I have. So much of who I am is because of them. They taught me good solid principles and also allowed me to learn and grow. They have been there through all the ups and downs. They have laughed with me, they have have felt my frustrations, and they have cried with me. I look up to my parents so much and dearly hope that someday I can be just like them, if I can do that I will be doing really well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thankful November 12th

I am so thankful for American food! I know that sounds disgusting but I really like to eat things that are deep fried on occasion. Some days (like today) you just need some grease and of course American food can provide just that. Besides the fact that you feel kind of gross after eating something that has been deep fried or maybe is a little more greasy then what is probably healthy it can still be very satisfying for that occasional craving. Good ole American food. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thankful November 11th

I am so thankful for my freedom and for all those who have fought and are fighting for my freedom. We are so blessed in this country to be able to live under a government that allows us the many rights and privileges that we have. I am especially thankful for the freedom to worship how I choose. What a blessing it is to live in this country. Thank you to all those who have fought and died so that each of us can enjoy the freedoms that we do.

Monday, November 10, 2008

abslolutely no exceptions...unless

I have a very staunch rule that there will be no Christmas music listening until AFTER Thanksgiving. This is just one of those little pet peeves of mine.

Poor little Thanksgiving gets overlooked every single year! The moment the Halloween decorations come down the Christmas lights go up. What about the cornucopia? When does it get its moment of glory? I honestly LOVE Christmas, I really do, but I think that it just like all the other holiday's should wait its turn.

So in order to support Thanksgiving and give it the attention it deserves I refuse to listen to Christmas music before the Thanksgiving feast has commenced.

Now that being said...I fell to temptation today. I was reading one of my favorite blogs Seriously So Blessed and her playlist began playing "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. I would like to remind you that I did not search out this music, it was thrust upon me. I am completely positive that this must have been of the devil because there is NO WAY I could resist listening to my favorite Christmas song! I succumbed to the enticing sounds and listened to the whole song...


I know. I am ashamed. But don't fear I have recommitted to my no Christmas music before Thanksgiving policy and will do my very best to uphold this standard all the way until November 25th after which Christmas music is FULLY permitted.

Thankful November 10th

Today I am so thankful for music! I really do love music. All types too. Music just has a way of ensuing so much emotion. I can immediately feel energized, ready to party, or lovey dovey. I love being introduced to new music and new musicians. I love the way the combination of words and music can make such a powerful impact and really touch a person. Music brings joy to my life and is a wonderful way in which I can unwind and sort of go to a different place for awhile. Truly it is so great that we have the blessing of music in the world.

BYU Football!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my very first BYU football game. S.O. was here in Provo this weekend (that is two weekends in a row!) for a competition that he participated and part of the deal was that he got a ticket to the BYU game and because he is so good fanazled a way to get me one as well. Luckily I don't live extremely far from BYU so a walk to the stadium only took us like 20 minutes. It was a breeze and for all who know me you know I hate driving, and you know that I really hate driving in traffic so this was probably a really good thing that I didn't drive we may not have made it all in one piece and two I probably wouldn't have been in the greatest of moods once we had gotten to the game. No worries though, I didn't drive and neither of those occurred.

I was anticipating that it was going to be cold. It is November for heavens sake. I put my thermals on under my pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, the works. I was ready! Well about 3 minutes into our walk I was sweating bullets and REALLY regretting the thermals. The only good thing about all my clothing preparation was that it was very useful as padding for my bum on the hard bleachers.

I obviously shed a few layers and put on the sun glasses because boy was it warm! It was a great day for a football game. It really was the perfect temperature. I felt bad for S.O. because he didn't have his sunglasses and we were looking right into the sun. We were playing the not so great San Diego and at first we weren't really playing as well as we should have. I think they were stooping to the level of San Diego. It didn't take long before we had secured a good lead. It was fun to be in that atmosphere. Being a BYU-I graduate I never experienced that kind of school spirit. It was fun to see the traditions that are had for every touchdown, field goal, first down and so forth. I was beginning to get the hang of the school song before the game was over.

S.O. had to take off a little early to take the shuttle back to Rexburg : ( and so I enjoyed a little walk back to my apt. on my own. Not going to lie it was much more enjoyable doing it with someone especially a special someone. The game was fun and I am looking forward to going to more BYU sporting events. It is lots of fun! Here are a few pics taken at the game.

S.O. and Robert (fellow BYU-Idahoian who was on S.O.'s team for the competition)

Robert, S.O. and I enjoying the game and the wonderful weather! It was a little bright hence S.O.'s squinting face. Oh and Robert totally snuck into this picture, he did a good job you can't even tell he wasn't supposed to be in the pic.

Half time show. They did a mortal combat piece and the flag girls fought one another and also showed a big version of guitar hero by using colored umbrellas to show the notes. Classic comment from some kid behind me "I could totally play that!"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thankful November 9th

Today I am especially grateful for S.O. We have officially been dating for 3 months! Wahoo! Go us! Seriously though this boy has got to be one of the most solid and amazing guys I have ever known let alone dated. I am consistently amazed by the person he is and how he lives his life. He is such a great example to me and makes me want to be a better person. He is a saint for putting up with me and I am so glad he does. He bring so much joy into my life. I couldn't ask for a better guy! Thanks S.O. for being so wonderful!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thankful November 8th

Thankful for a washer and dryer...right down the hall! There really can't be anything greater than a NON-coin operated washer and dryer that is right down your hall. No lugging your laundry to some location on the property hoping that your underwear isn't hanging out for those passing by to see. You don't have to go get quarters every two weeks (which are a big pain to get). You can do as much laundry as you want because your only expense is to buy a big box of laundry detergent that has already lasted you a whole semester! I think I wash more frequently just because I can, plus I don't have to pay the water bill! HA! Really do love the convenience of a washer and dryer right in my apt. It is a wonderful thing.

I really would love to hear those things you are grateful for during this lovely month of November. So for those of you who actually READ my blog step up your commitment and mak a comment and share what you are grateful. It really isn't much to ask.

Can't take it back now

I am working away at work on Friday and get a text from my sweet mother that says. . .


My brother had a high school football playoff game on Friday and because I had to work I wasn't able to attend. So being so glad that my mom thought to tell me the final score I texted her back and said "Yeah! Oh man I am so excited!" I wanted to tell my brother congrats on a big win and the chance to continue on in the playoffs. I was about to ask my mom if my brother was there so I could tell him congrats through her, but I didn't. That was my first mistake. I thought why do that when I can just text my bro directly on his own phone. So I text him this "CONGRATULATIONS! Dude I am so excited you won! That is so sweet! Who will you play next?" This was my second mistake. Like 5 minutes later I get this text from my mom.


My heart sank. The game wasn't over! I had already sent the congratulations text and the game wasn't over! I text my mom saying "Oh boy. I thought the text you sent me earlier was the final score. I will really be hoping they win now. Keep me posted." I later got a phone call from my mom saying. "You better figure out a way to get that text back."

Unfortunately Davis had lost by 1 point! I was so bummed out and felt even worse that my brother had a congratulations text waiting for him and how much that was going to stink to read when it wasn't true. I tried to smooth things over with my brother by explaining that I text him what I did because of my mom's lack of clarity in texting and that I had gotten confused. I told him I was sorry that Davis had lost but that I still thought he was awesome! He will be ok.

I learned a valuable lesson about texting. Even when you are trying to use it for good sometimes it can come back to bite you in the toosh, and hard. Never assume you know what someone means by their text. Don't send the congratulations text before you KNOW that it is actually in order.

P.S. The mistake was totally MY fault but it was just easier to smooth things over with my bro by saying it was my mom's lack of specificity that caused me to get confused. My mom rocks and I LOVE that she texts my brother and I. She is so good to try and communicate with us the way we are communicating these days. Love you mom! By the way she is getting good at texting...even if I interpret them wrong. LOL!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thankful November 7th

Thankful for my car today. It is so nice to be able to go wherever I need to. I never have to do coordinating with anyone I can just go. I also have a car that I have become quite fond of. You know how you just get to know your car. Well my car and I are best buddies and I know everything about her. I know just how to get her to do what I want and when I am pushing it too much. What a great car I have. So grateful for my car!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful November 6th

What would we do without cell phones!? I am especially thankful for cell phones today. I know I am on a technology kick but we really are so blessed to have the technology that we have. I am so glad that I can call and talk to whomever I want, pretty much whenever I want and wherever I want! You can send text messages, picture messages, and record video all with your cell phone. Cell phones have completely changed the way we communicate.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scary Water Cooler

I had a somewhat embarrassing moment at the water cooler the other day. It potentially could have been a lot more embarrassing but luckily no one was around to see. This is what went down…

I went back to the water cooler to fill up my water bottle. I began filling up my water bottle and looked up and out of the window. Outside of the window there was one of those big security trucks that carry loads of money around in them. What happened next is flat out proof that women’s minds go a million miles an hour.

Within in a couple of seconds I had envisioned some “bad guy” coming and breaking into this truck, stealing money and then making a break for it through our building and running right passed me, possibly threatening me with a gun or something (yeah I thought about all that in a matter of seconds)

Meanwhile I am still filling up my water bottle. So as the water cooler always does it makes a gulping noise as the water gets lower and I jumped.

That’s right the gulping water cooler scared me. My heart even skipped a beat or two! I immediately looked up to make sure no one else was around to see me get scared by an inanimate object. Luckily no one was. I think it scared me because of the previous thoughts I was having...that is my guess.

Don’t worry though I don’t think it will turn into a phobia of the water cooler.

Thankful November 5th

So thankful for email! I don't think that I could function without email. I can't remember life without email. So glad that we have such a great technology that allows us to send/receive information and more importantly to keep in touch with people we care about.

Thankful November

Today I had got the greatest idea from one of my co-workers to make November the month to be grateful. You know with the whole Thanksgiving holiday at the end of this month and all I think it is very suiting. I decided that I am going to post something that I am grateful for everyday this month. Now I am obviously a little behind because today is the 4th so I need to do a little catch up before I am on track. So here are the things I have been grateful for the last four days.

1. Family and that they are always there for you
2. Relief Society and the sweet sisterhood that is there
3. Apt. that has heat
4. My freedom and to be an American

I would love to hear what you are grateful for each day as I go along. I have a really big pet peeve...and that is that Thanksgiving always gets looked over and everyone goes straight to Christmas. Well not me I am going to give Thanksgiving the attention that it rightly deserves!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fabulous Weekend

I truly had one of the greatest weekends ever and surprisingly it happened on the weekend of Halloween. Here is what I did and why it was so wonderful!

First I got to eat stew and scones, the Garrett family traditional Halloween meal, on Friday night with S.O. who came down for the weekend (obviously that being one of the main components of why the weekend was so great). We enjoyed dinner together and then proceeded to check out what I decided to refer to as "The Pumpkin Patch." The Pumpkin Patch was really just a house in West Layton that had close to 100 carved pumpkins. Now these aren't just your cut two triangles for they eyes, one for the nose, and a crescent moon for the mouth. There were carvings with Sean Connery's face, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, and of course your standard spooky ghosts and ghouls. They were so cool looking! Some of the pumpkins were hard to tell right at first what they were and it turned into a fun game to try and see who could figure it out first. The rest of the night consisted of chatting by the fire with the parents and playing two versions of Speed. The first being S.O.'s version which I only lost by a hair and second my version which I pretty much whomped on S.O.

Saturday morning I spent time with my family and just enjoyed being home. I went running which just about killed me. I couldn't decide if it was the elevation difference from Kaysville to Provo or if it was the fact that I hadn't exercised in two days and ate a bunch of crap the day before...I am thinking it was the elevation. Later in the afternoon S.O., his two cute younger brothers, and I all went up Farmington Canyon on four wheelers. It was so much fun! We started at close to 70 degrees weather at the bottom of the mountain and by the time we got to the top it was at least in the 40's. Talk about cold! It was definitely worth it for the view once we got to the top. I had fun driving and riding and just plain being outdoors. Below are some pictures from the four wheeler excursion.

After showering for the second time (I was basically covered in a thin film of dirt over my entire body and a significant amount of dirt was embedded in my hair once we were back down the mountain) I headed to S.O.'s house for dinner with his family. S.O. gave me the low down on voting and what to expect. We went through each of the decisions I had to make and by the end I felt a little more at ease about the whole voting thing. The best part of the night had to have been our walk through the park. We talked, swung on the swings, played on the playground toys, and even played in the leaves. I am calling it my "could have been in a movie" night. For real if someone would have been recording it we could have totally made a chick flick and been a HUGE hit! Well at least in my mind : ) Later back at S.O.'s house the power went out because there was a thunder storm. That was kind of cool too. We just sat in his living room and talked by the light of an old fashioned lamp. It was so great!

Sunday S.O. came to church with me and met a bunch of the wardies and of course was a huge hit and everyone approved of him. I was so proud! I loved taking him around and introducing him to everyone. I sure do have a great guy who I am VERY fond of. I really just plain enjoyed the weekend so much and was so sad when Monday rolled around. I had a Monday with a vengeance but I think that it was all worth it for the great weekend that I had...yeah definitely worth it.