Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had a cool experience at the donut shop today. Yes, at the donut shop of all places I was inspired to become better.

As co-workers we went on a much needed donut run (well at least I really needed it) and when we arrived we were informed that prices had gone up .10 cents (blasphemous I know). I wanted a donut so bad the higher prices didn't even phase me.

I got to the check out to pay for my donut and my total came to $1.02.

I had $1.

You can see how this was a problem. I didn't have to stress for long before the cashier promptly pulled out .2 cents from the KARMA jar. (I loved the label on this jar because it is so true. What goes around comes around)

It hit me that we are often asked to give of our change or donate a can of food but this time I was on the receiving end. Some lovely person who likely just wanted to get rid of their pennies was allowing me to HONESTLY walk out of the bakery with my donut (I wanted one so bad who knows what I would have done).

At that moment I decided that I am going to be more giving, even if it is just my remaining change. Who knows maybe my change will help some future person get their much needed donut.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Selling my contract

I am trying to sell my contract. I am moving out at the end of April (23-24). If you know of anyone looking for a great apt in Provo let me know!

This is a spring/summer contract for a women's private bedroom at Riverside Ave. Condo's. The room is spacious with a private bathroom and walk in closet. The apt comes equipped with washer/dryer, central air and dishwasher. It is a great place! I have really loved it here.

Here are some pics of my room and bathroom.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bridal/Groomal Pictures

My photographer gave me a wonderful surprise today and sent me these photos that I could share on my blog (he is smart man to do this because we all know that I have a HUGE following and this will be great advertising! [said with a lot of sarcasm regarding the "huge following" part]).

Anywho...I am really excited to share some of our photos. We need to pick one to display at the reception (I would like both of us in the picture). Which would you choose?

Excuse the whiteness (its been a LONG winter) this will be fixed by the wedding day

We have a phantom veil in this one! The wind blew it off. Pretty cool.

Just want to say that I LOVE the back of my dress!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Post-It Love Note

Fiance did the sweetest thing for me today. I walked out to my car this morning to find "I *heart* U" written with post-it notes on my windshield. I thought it was adorable! It was also a big sacrifice for fiance because he loves his post-it notes. It was an absolutely wonderful way to start off my morning and my week.

I am such a lucky girl. Tomorrow it will be exactly one month until our wedding! I am SO excited!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Doesn't this cute baby look like she could be saying "really?" Assuming she could talk of course.

I had the realization today that I say "really" way too much. It is like one of those statements that you just can't keep yourself from saying. Before you know it, the word is tumbling out of your mouth.

The comment I am responding to doesn't even have to be something I am questioning to cause me to say "really." Like today my co-worker Holly said to me "Your hair is getting long." [Which I love to hear because I am trying to grow out my hair and it is painful] Guess what my response was, yep, "really?" Like I don't know that my hair is getting longer. I am growing it out for heavens sake! It better be getting longer!

Before I commit to decrease my abuse of this word I want to point out that "really" is an incredibly useful word . With just a change in your voice it can have a whole new meaning. For instance it can be used all of the following ways:
Really! = "you think so"
Really?= disbelief
Really?? = appalled

Anywho... "really" is my filler word. I use it when I don't know what else to say but that is ending now. I am going to try and keep my use of this great word to a minimum. I can't make any promises though.

What is your filler word?

Adorable gift idea!

As I was blog stalking, which seems to be all I do these days (don't you worry I am going to be back with a vengeance after the wedding), I came across the cutest gift idea ever.

I am not a fan of giving gifts unless I really feel they are meaningful and I think this would be such a meaningful and sweet gift. I am going to do it for someone someday.

Go check it out here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

High Heels

I want to make a little commentary about walking in heels. I don't know if you have ever noticed or paid attention to a girl trying to walk quickly in heels. It is something of a half walk, half trot.

Picture this...

Woman wearing AT LEAST a two inch heel and holding hands with loving husband/fiance/boyfriend. The couple is obviously in a hurry so the husband/fiance/boyfriend is walking at a hurried pace.

Because of the hand holding, woman is required to keep up with this pace which can prove to be difficult when wearing heels because it takes so much balance to walk in those suckers.

The result...
- 3 steps gracefully walking
- Realizing you can't keep up
- 7 little running toe steps to catch up
- Cycle begins again

When watched from a distance this is a very entertaining movement. Funny how as women we are going for the look of grace and femininity by wearing heels but often end up looking like a confused horse unsure whether to walk or trot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Which one??

I have a dilemma...I don't know which engagement picture to send with our invitations. The decision fiance and I made on Saturday was on the first photo but now I am wondering if that one is the best (I won't say my reasons because I want to get an accurate poll, I also know that the second photo is very similar to the first but just work with me here). Anywho...which photo do you think would be best to send out with our invitations? A, B or C?

Engagement Photos

Well we have our engagement photos and boy did we like them! There were so many to choose from which made it hard to choose just ONE photo to send with our invitations (I am still up in the air on which one to send). are a few of my personal favorites. If you are interested in seeing ALL of the photos you can check them out here at Swensen Photography's Web site or you can see a few more on my Facebook here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

taking over my brain

When you look at this picture what do you see?

You know you are doing WAY too much wedding planning when you see the silhouette of two strapless wedding dresses (I don't even believe in strapless wedding dresses!).

They are science beakers. Science beakers people! I see dresses. True story.

Is April 24th here yet?