Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had a cool experience at the donut shop today. Yes, at the donut shop of all places I was inspired to become better.

As co-workers we went on a much needed donut run (well at least I really needed it) and when we arrived we were informed that prices had gone up .10 cents (blasphemous I know). I wanted a donut so bad the higher prices didn't even phase me.

I got to the check out to pay for my donut and my total came to $1.02.

I had $1.

You can see how this was a problem. I didn't have to stress for long before the cashier promptly pulled out .2 cents from the KARMA jar. (I loved the label on this jar because it is so true. What goes around comes around)

It hit me that we are often asked to give of our change or donate a can of food but this time I was on the receiving end. Some lovely person who likely just wanted to get rid of their pennies was allowing me to HONESTLY walk out of the bakery with my donut (I wanted one so bad who knows what I would have done).

At that moment I decided that I am going to be more giving, even if it is just my remaining change. Who knows maybe my change will help some future person get their much needed donut.


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this is the cutest thing i've read all day! i love it.