Wednesday, March 11, 2009

High Heels

I want to make a little commentary about walking in heels. I don't know if you have ever noticed or paid attention to a girl trying to walk quickly in heels. It is something of a half walk, half trot.

Picture this...

Woman wearing AT LEAST a two inch heel and holding hands with loving husband/fiance/boyfriend. The couple is obviously in a hurry so the husband/fiance/boyfriend is walking at a hurried pace.

Because of the hand holding, woman is required to keep up with this pace which can prove to be difficult when wearing heels because it takes so much balance to walk in those suckers.

The result...
- 3 steps gracefully walking
- Realizing you can't keep up
- 7 little running toe steps to catch up
- Cycle begins again

When watched from a distance this is a very entertaining movement. Funny how as women we are going for the look of grace and femininity by wearing heels but often end up looking like a confused horse unsure whether to walk or trot.


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Ahhhh.... the complexities of wearing heels. This is totally true! I love wearing heels cause they look nice, but when it comes down to it. the things are brutal and impossible to walk in.