Saturday, August 1, 2009

Productive Day

I had a very productive day. I love productive days. I am a list/task kind of person and so when I accomplish all my tasks/list items I feel very good about myself. I get somewhat of a high out of crossing things off a list. Weird I know. I am probably borderline OCD. Anywho...can I just tell you what I got done!?

- Cleaned our apt. (dusting, vacuuming & disinfecting)
- Washed all our laundry including sheets (I am really looking forward to going to bed tonight!)
- Went to my appointment to get my wedding album started (4-5 months until we have a proof!)
- Did a return at Target & got an amazing deal on my all time favorite hairspray
- Picked up a pair of shoes for Husband at Ross (I LOVE Ross)
- Dropped some DI items off
- Cleaned out our trunk
- Changed our vacuum bag (I say this only because it needed it badly!)
- Organized under our bed

And last but not least I organized our cupboards that were jam packed with what looked like a bunch of junk. It was driving me crazy and I finally got around to organizing it. I wish I had a before picture so that you could really appreciate the after picture. But here are a couple photos of my newly organized cupboards.

Now I have the rest of the evening to do whatsoever I please knowing that everything is clean and orderly. Ummm it feels good!


Brock and Rachel said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha Ha only you! I love it! You got a lot done! Want to come over and clean my house? You can organize all my cupboards....tempting??