Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boredom Cure

Being currently unemployed as I am, I have found myself to have quite a bit of time on my hands. A normal person would think that this must be a wonderful thing and it is until after the first day you have run out of things to do. It also doesn't help that shopping is completely out of the question because obviously the funds are lacking. So what I am trying to get at is that being home alone with nothing to do all day long gets old really fast.

To remedy this problem I decided to take myself to the park! It was so delightful that I was able to take some of the reading that I wanted to get through, sit in the shade of a big tree on my oh so cute picnic blanket. It was so nice. I enjoyed being outdoors, getting a little sun and I had a much better attention span than what I do at home.

All in all I had a very enjoyable time and I think that as long as I am a "stay at home wife" I might as well take advantage of these beautiful summer days.