Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend Review Part Two

After the 5k we ate a tasty pancake breakfast and then enjoyed the West Point City 4th of July Parade! Here are a few highlights from the parade.

Of course there were tractors...
...and adorable old men driving them!
I just loved this old man!
There was a very tall man on a very tall bike.
I thought this was cool.
The missionaries were so in the parade and had
MoTab blasting out the back of their car.
It was awesome! What a way to preach!
Husband's brother Tyler is EMT and got to drive the ambulance in the parade
Husbands brother Trevor

Mike just lounging at the parade

After the parade we napped like there was no tomorrow! I was tired and needed some sleep! Once we were rested we went with Husband's family to see Ice Age 3. It was ok. I am not a big fan of movies 2 and 3 of anything. So I went in with low expectations and got what I expected. Biggest downside was we really only got like 3 quotable quotes out of the movie.
We left the movie theater to head to my house for a BBQ on the patio. It was so nice spending time with my family. Outside of family time the highlight of the weekend was the chocolate cake, topped with strawberries and hot fudge with a side scoop of ice cream. It was DELECTABLE! I was literally in heaven. My sweet mom made it pretty much at my request. Oh how I love her so!
We watched fireworks from our font yard and then quickly retreated to the indoors to escape the swarm of mosquito's that were attacking me. We had a lovely weekend and Monday came with a vengeance! Now I am living for the family reunion in California in a couple weeks! Yippee!


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I'm glad to hear that your weekend was so great! I was getting worried...I haven't heard from you in a long time. What? Like a month? Cute pictures!