Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Review

I realized that not a whole lot of blogging is going to happen for me on the weekend. There is just too much going on. Now of course there may be exceptions to this but for the most part I think that you won't hear much from me over the weekend. Hence my new installment of Weekend Review so that I can give a run down of the fabulous things that happened over the weekend.


Consisted of not a whole lot. Husband and I attended the temple and then came home and chilled the rest of the evening. My little bro and his friend came and stayed with us which was fun. I enjoyed getting to see him and also getting to chat and catch up.


Began with pancakes and bacon [made on my brand new griddle]. The boys pounded the food [again with boys and the eating I haven't gotten my eye for how much they can eat just yet]. I cleaned, worked out [which I haven't done since the wedding, I know shame on me] and then Husband and I went to our very first married ward activity. This is where the exciting stuff comes in.

We get to the activity and everything is going wonderfully. We are meeting great people, eating yummy food, life was wonderful. We decided we wanted to throw the football a bit [a lovely gift from Jessie & Garan for my bridal shower. Husband LOVES that football].

Husband left the windows rolled down a bit so he thought he would just reach in through the window and unlock the car. Bad idea. Our car alarm starts going off [probably like 50 yards from where the rest of the ward was].

Husband hurries and opens the car door climbs in and starts up the car but the honking continues. He begins pressing the lock unlock button on the door. Still honking. I suggested using the key lave. So he begins digging through my purse to find the key lave [all the while the car is still honking and I am getting the feeling that people are getting annoyed]. We find the key lave, press unlock and...the car continues to honk.

We bought the car used and it didn't come with an owners manual. So we had no idea what we were going to do to get the stupid thing to stop! I was really starting to feel stupid and somewhat panicked as to what we were going to do. I jumped in the car and we began to drive away so that we wouldn't keep annoying people while we try and figure out how to get our car to stop freaking out. Just as we began to drive away the car stopped honking.

But the story doesn't end there. As soon as we were parked again and Husband opened the door the alarm began to go off. We felt so stupid! Here we were with our car alarm going off, everyone looking at us and we have no idea how to get it to turn off! We again began to drove away, all the while the car is still honking. We leave the parking lot and people on the streets are staring at us probably thinking that we just stole the car we were sitting in. We drove down the street a little ways with the car still honking. I was laughing so hard. Finally we pulled over and the car stopped honking.

We didn't move.
We took the key out of the ignition.
Pressed the unlock key on the key lave.
Opened the door and...nothing.

We had FINALLY fixed it. We realized that the whole time we were pressing unlock the keys were in the ignition. Apparently the car doesn't like that. So we learned a little more about our car on Saturday. It wants keys out of the ignition before it will stop.

The best part of this whole story was that for the activity you could tell funny stories about your engagement, wedding or first few weeks of marriage. We wrote on a piece of paper about our very first married ward activity and how our car alarm wouldn't go off and how we had to drive away with a honking car before we could figure out how to turn it off. Yeah and we totally won a prize for it!

The rest of the activity was a lot of fun. We whomped on the old married couples in the Celestial Marriage game [Thanks Brock and Rachel for giving us a practice go round on that one]. We almost won at the wheelbarrow race if I hadn't dropped Husbands legs [Whoops. I really am not that strong and Husband was so wiggly!]. Anywho we had a lot of fun at our first ward activity and met a lot of really great people.

We enjoyed the rest of the day doing more shopping at Target with gift cards [Boy am I going to be sad when those run out.] and then coming home and just chilling.


Was fantastic. Had a nice relaxing morning [Church doesn’t start till 1:20. This won’t last long because church goes to 8:00 in June. Talk about extreme change huh?]. Went to church. Met more cool people. Ate leftover cake. Met with Bishop. Came home and ate dinner [Tried a new method of cooking a specific chicken recipe which turned out really good] Made smoothies. Chatted with Colter and Laura [Our downstairs buddies] Went to bed. Stayed awake and talked for a good hour. Went to sleep.

We had a great weekend and because of that I had a Monday with a vengeance. I made it through though and we ended it with buying some Ikea furniture. I will write more on that later. This concludes my Weekend Review.

Don't worry the Weekend Review won't be this long every weekend. Maybe I will just pick one highlight for the weekend but for this week you get the WHOLE SHABANG! Hope everyone had a great weekend and we can all be happy because Monday is over. It is all downhill from here.


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sweet weekend! sounds like you guys have a fun ward. glad you figured the car alarm out haha that made me laugh pretty hard! i barrowed sarahs one day (i don't remember why) but i set the car alarm off and i started calling her so i could ask her how to turn it off and her phone was in the car!! then some police officer stopped and i explained to him it was my cousins car and he looked at me like i was really stupid... but then he couldn't figure it out either!!! dang car alarms :)

Natalie Leavitt said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i've had that car alarm thing happen to me too. i was working at a little joint in downtown and the stupid thing wouldn't stop, we had to cut the wire.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Jon says :
Go my favorite sports team! go!!