Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life Insurance

I should be writing thank you notes right now....but I'm not. I am going to tell you a story instead.

There is this couple [this couple shall remain anonymous for their safety, and this is not about Husband and I, promise!] who decided to get a life insurance policy.

In order to get a life insurance policy a physical is required of both individuals. The results of this physical determines the amount required to pay each month.

In preparation for this physical the couple was told to fast and also to drink a lot of water. The husband learned that the wife needed only gain three more pounds in order to greatly decrease the amount of money they would have to pay.

The nurse was sweet and wanted to help the wife to hit the weight limit and so she told the wife to "Go get some clothes on and don't wear those light flip flops wear some clogs or something."

The husband still concerned that the wife wasn't going to make the weight limit and noticing that she hadn't drunk the water she was supposed to he gave the wife a loving tap as she stepped on the scale, sneakily dropping the water bottle into the hood of the her jacket.

Surprisingly the wife made the weight limit and resulted in her being "super preferred."

The wife is happy because she is super preferred [which means she is REALLY healthy] and the husband is happy because his monthly payment is significantly less.

See a little cheating can make things so much better!
I mean cheating is bad and you shouldn't do it. Remember it is always better to let a stupid big insurance company take all your money just because you are 3lbs away from "their" standard.


Nathan said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm about to have a physical as well for the same reason. The problem is, I don't think there is a water bottle big enough to get me up to the "super preferred" weight.

Cross your fingers!

Hane-nahMarie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

um. cheesecake. duh!