Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fallen off the wagon...

...but I am getting back on! So remember those goals I made? Yeah so I kind of have fallen off the wagon this week in regards to those goals. Here is the update.

Rise at 7:00 a.m.- Yep haven't done it all week. Today was the best with me finally getting my toosh out of bed by 7:15.

Exercise- I have exercised once this week. That was tonight. I can come close to my goal with only falling one day short of my goal if I work out Friday and Saturday. I am determined to do so.

Sweets- I have been a rock. I am feeling less cravings which is good. Did I happen to mention that I was allowing myself one treat a week? Well I am. So Sunday I had a dessert at my house and had to refuse brownies at Husbands house. [Wanted a brownie so bad it hurt]. Then my sweet neighbor came and gave me a strawberry obviously I had to eat it! So I am done for the week until next Tuesday.

So overall I haven't done all that well this week with my goals but I have...

- Spent quality with Husband
- Participated in rejuvenating activities [like reading a book! Austenland was wonderful. Finished it in one week!]
- Devoted time to my spiritual self

All these things are good so I am happy that my time was still well spent. You can't have the triumph of getting back on the wagon if you never fall off so I am going to try harder the rest of this week to do as I have set out to do.