Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Review

It is that time again and it is coming sooner because I am actually posting my review on Monday rather than Wednesday. Husband and I had a great weekend and I did so well with taking pictures to document it all. So you can have visual enjoyment along with the textual enjoyment!


Husband and I hung out with Spencer & Tara. Spencer is one of Husbands old mission companions. Spencer cooked us some delicious kabobs on the grill and we also had rice, watermelon and lemonade. It was a really yummy dinner. We chatted played some Phase 10 which we only got to phase 4 before we got tired of playing. Then we pulled out the Wii Fit!

This was my first experience with the Wii Fit and I thought it was so cool! They have some of the craziest games on that thing but they really do get you moving and I can see how you can become more "fit" by playing on it.

Funniest thing though had to be watching Husband hula hoop and duke it out with Spencer on Wii boxing. I recorded a video with my phone but I did it for too long and so I can't send it to myself. I am so mad! I have a shorter one but you really don't get the full effect. I have posted it anyway but just picture two guys punching the crap out of the air, making grunting noises and literally sweating like crazy! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!


Was the biggest laundry day I have ever had in my entire life! It was crazy! This is all the laundry I had to fold. It took up half our bed!

When I say we did a lot of laundry I am not exaggerating. It was crazy. Felt wonderful once we finished 5 hours later. I also cleaned like crazy. With me being sick last week our house got a bit neglected and needed some attention.

After laundry we got ready and went to the temple. It was so nice. When we were leaving this is the beautiful sight we saw.

It was so gorgeous to see this beautiful rainbow after the showers of the day. After our temple trip we changed and went to treat ourselves to a little Applebee's on the gift card! It was delicious...obviously [mostly because I didn't have to cook it]. To really treat ourselves we got TWO desserts in which the waiter even commented, "Wow, that is a lot of dessert." I wanted to ask him if he thought we were fat or if he thought we couldn't handle it. Well I will have you know we showed him and thoroughly enjoyed both our Oreo milkshake and our cookie sundae.

Once our bellies were full we went to make an INTENSE grocery run. Again because of the sickness we had completely run out of food! Poor Husband was living off pretty much nothing all last week so we set out to get him some food. I have to say I love it so much more when Husband comes with me to the grocery store. I hate doing it alone. As you can see below we did a significant amount of damage. We waited in line FOREVER and a day and finally got home around 11:00 p.m. Whew! What a day. We were very productive and got a lot done. Oh and Husband fixed our DVD player! So now we can watch movies! Yippee!


We had a marvelous Sabbath. Got up early for 8:00 a.m. church well...I got up a little late because my alarm didn't go off [that is the honest to goodness truth] so we were a bit late and thankfully Husband forgave me. After church we enjoyed some delicious french toast with Colter & Laura [our downstairs neighbors]. Then it was on to an afternoon of reading and napping. I did maybe a little more napping than I should have but I think my body is still recuperating a bit from the sickness.

Husband and I ate our very first roast [it was also my first time making a roast] and it actually turned out pretty good. I wasn't a huge fan of the flavor but it wasn't burnt. It twas tender, juicy and flavorful which is everything you want in a roast! We had a nice walk later in the afternoon and enjoyed a few minutes of it not raining. It was a wonderful day and we ended it by going to bed early! What a treat!

This week I have a few goals and one of them is to get up on time everyday and so early bedtime is ESSENTIAL for this to happen. We'll see how it goes.