Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Review

This is a little late in coming but I haven't been feeling 100% lately (I am hoping I will start to feel better soon) so believe it or not I didn't even think I could muster blogging. Shocking I know.

Husband and I had a great weekend though!


[I have a confession to make. I was going to post this yesterday but I couldn't remember what I did on Friday for the life of me. I had to wait until Husband got home to tell me what I did. I think this is the sickness speaking.]

I left work a little early to drive to Weber State to see my kid brother graduate. It was long [798 graduates take awhile] but it was fun to relive what I experienced almost 5 years ago. It is amazing how time flys. After graduation, my brother and I drove to Layton together to get some graduation grub. It was nice to use the time to talk to my brother. I really felt like we were "communicating." It is definitely a conversation I won't forget and I am looking forward to becoming closer to my brother as he gets older.

We all met up at Outback Steakhouse. Which was the graduates restaurant of choice. We ate greasy and fattening food and called it a celebration! I enjoyed spending time with my parents and my two brothers [sister decided she wanted to stay home to play with a friend. She is 12 years old and I swear she already a bit of teenager attitude].

I came home after dinner to FINALLY get to see Husband, who couldn’t come with me because he had internship things he had to take care of. It was so good to see him. I miss him so much when I have to go places alone. As corny as it sounds I really feel like part of me is missing. Love my husband!


We celebrated Husbands birthday! He turned 24 years old! Wozza! I was especially proud of myself because I was able to get out of bed at 6:30 in the morning and made Husband promise to stay in bed until 7:00. I made him breakfast in bed which you can check out the goods on our new blog Happily Ever After.

Husband had to go take and LSAT practice test [boo] so I used the time to get the car all cleaned up. Husband loves a clean car. I even put a big silver bow on top!

When Husband got home we went and played tennis with our new rackets. We had a lot of fun and only hit it over the fence a few times. By the time we were about to leave we were really starting to get the hang of it. I have a feeling that we are going to LOVE playing tennis together.

After Husband worked out at the gym [while I took a nap under a tree. Tennis wiped me out!] we came home and got cleaned up. I made Husbands cake, started to read and subsequently fell asleep.

Husband woke me up when his family arrived. We went and had dinner at the Pizza Factory and then came back to our humble abode for cake and ice cream.
Below are a few pics of the evening.


Started our new church schedule. 8:00 a.m. Boy was that and intense switch from 1:20 to 8:00. I did however LOVE that I had the whole rest of the day. I got so much reading/napping done! It was fabulous. Husband and I had dinner and then a WHOLE lot of cake and we were just as happy as we could be.

The rest of the night consisted of reminiscing by going through photos and videos of some of our past adventures. Including Europe videos. It was so fun for me to revisit all those wonderfully amazing places. Made me want to go back so bad!

We topped of the night with a little one on one in our bedroom on our little b-ball hoop. You can read about the events and the results on our Happily Ever After blog. Go read Husband did a good job of retelling how the game went.

We had a great weekend and to be honest I wish it was Friday again. Oh well, I guess I better live in the here and now rather than living for the future. Friday will be here soon enough.
I felt so bad I planned to make white frosting to write Happy Birthday but I forgot to get all the ingredients so I had to use chocolate. Just know that chocolate doesn't change color easily so you can barely see a difference between the cake and wording. I learned my lesson!
I got Husband the book "Men of Influence" which is the sequel to "Men of Valor" by Robert L. Millet which he loved. I am excited for him to read it and thinking I may pick it up and have a read!
I got Husband some plaid shorts which I have been wanting to see him in forever! He is going to look so handsome in his plaid shorts and brown t-shirt!


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LOL! What is this blog rated? lol let me explain...first you just have to picture this...I'm brushing my teeth and reading your latest weekend review post on my phone (which by the way, cuts the writing into a weird format) so I get to the part that reads..."We topped off the night with a little one on one in our bedroom..." which is were it ended on my phone because it cuts the writing up weird like I was saying. I just about spit out all the toothpaste in my mouth. I started laughing so hard. I thought in my head..."wow she's divulging all in this blog" lol but I got it figured out...you guys were playing a little one on one BASKETBALL! Kind of scared me at first! lol :)