Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flaunting Feathers

I have recently joined a gym, only because now that I am no longer a student and don't have access to a school gym anymore. I have never really been a big fan of gyms mostly because I am not a big fan of working out in front of a bunch of people.

I am not particularly bothered by people seeing me sweat or get all red (because I do both when I work out) but it is more the fact that I am in public and with being in public comes certain rules that should be followed. On that note many of the people at the gym do not follow these rules of public conduct and frankly it makes being at the gym a not so pleasant experience.

For one I don't know what it is about working out that gives people the idea that it is ok to show an uncomfortable amount skin. There are most definitely people there that should NOT be wearing what they are wearing. Just because you're working out doesn't all of the sudden make it ok to wear things that a super model or a body builder would wear.

Watching all this parading around makes me think of peacocks. You know how peacocks fan out their feathers and stick out their chests. This is what I think of when I am at the gym. I see a bunch of little peacocks walking around fanning their feathers and trying to look as good as they possibly can. However this little peacock isn't all that excited to show off my feathers (not saying that I have any to show off) so all this feather fanning makes me a little uncomfortable which causes my dislike of the gym.

[Some of that might also be the fact that working out is PAINFUL but I am pretty sure it is the uncomfortable feeling. Getting to the gym isn't hard for me at all...I am pretty much UNLIKE every other person in the world who usually struggles to have the motivation to go work out. I practically live for going to get some good exercise!] *Note if you did not catch the sarcasm there know that pretty much every day is a struggle for me to get to the gym. Don't start feeling bad about yourself because it is hard for you too.

In an ideal world I would love to have that whole place to myself...but seeing as how that is probably never going to happen I guess I will just have to get more into one of the shows on one of the 6 T.V.s as an attempt to try and distract myself from the parade of feathers going on around me.


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Hate the gym.

Hate exercise.

Hate peacocks.

The end.