Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is she...

For some reason I am on an "informing" kick right now. I feel the need to "inform" people of various things. Today it has do do with proper grammar.

Many times when people call they ask "Is this so and so?" and many times this is the response that I hear "This is her/him."

This is not correct grammar. My mom took the liberty of drilling this into my head. Every time I answered the phone using "This is her" she would say "This is she." At first it sounded so weird! It wasn't natural. After many times of getting it wrong and subsequently having my mom correct me I finally started to catch on and started saying it right.

Now I cringe when people say it wrong. It sounds so "hill billy." No offense to anyone who uses the "This is her/him" answer. Don't worry you can still change your grammatically incorrect ways.