Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I don’t know if you have noticed my list of simple pleasures over here to the right but I would like to take a moment to highlight the simple things in life that bring me so much happiness.

1. Sleeping in. I do get a lot of happiness out of just plain sleeping but getting to sleep longer then what you normally do is probably one of the best feelings ever! I never want to get to the point where my body won’t let me sleep in because boy would I be missing out on such satisfaction.

2. Drinking sugary milk after a bowl of sugary cereal such as Fruit Loops. This is just plain tasty. Nice cold milk with and extra dose of sugar. If the cereal was Fruit Loops then your milk will probably be a pretty color too!

3. New pair of shoes. Pretty much I have a fetish and obsession with shoes. I wish that my budget supported this obsession a little better. Needless to say a pair of new shoes can make me one happy girl for weeks! Every time I wear them it makes the day just that much better.

4. 5:00 p.m. Who doesn’t like this hour? This hour means you are free! Done for the day! Now instead of sitting on your butt at work doing things that you are forced to do you can sit on your butt at home and do things that you want to do! Like blog for instance : )

5. Mail. What normal person doesn’t like to get something in the mail? I love it because it proves that someone thought of you long enough to write something, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and then walk it to the mail box. I love knowing people thought about me.

6. Carmex. This has got to be the most addictive but wonderful substance on the planet! My lips crave it (probably because there is something in it that makes you need it and nothing else). I love the way it feels and the way it looks (not a big fan of the taste factor but nothing can be perfect). Love my carmex.

7. Phone call from a friend. This is another one of those “someone thought of you” moments. They thought about you long enough to feel moved to call you AND be willing to take the time to talk. I love it when you get a phone call and it is a good friend that you are just plain excited to hear their voice.

8. Hot showers. These just feel good. So relaxing. I love feeling clean, fresh and warm!

9. Clean sheets. Oh how I love this. My favorite ritual is to wash my sheets, dry with TWO dryer sheets for extra softness and good smell. Once the sheets are clean I take a hot shower. Then clean me climbs into my clean sheets and I just inhale the freshness and it feels SO good!

10. Chocolate. Now of course I saved the best for last. This goodness is so wonderful and makes me so happy! There is nothing like a little bit of chocolate to make me feel better or simply to have some just for the sake of indulgence.

What are the simple pleasures in your life that make you happy?