Monday, May 23, 2011

24 years old

Yesterday I turned 24 years old and to be honest I can't believe I am that old nor do I feel that old.

I had an AMAZING day all thanks to my sweet hubby and loving family. Here is a little recap of how it went.

D made me breakfast of muffins, eggs, bacon and orange juice. It was delicious! Then D held Gavin while I showered and got ready. I love the weekends because I have D here to help with baby g so a longer than five minute shower is possible.

I fed baby g around 10:20 and we were out the door for church by 10:45. Things went really well at church. Baby g slept through most all the meetings. It was great! We then came home and ate some lunch. D made me a mean PB&J. After lunch D and I took turns holding and loving baby g until D began making dinner. The menu consisted of Ranch chicken, peas and toast. It was delicious!

After dinner D surprised me with an ice cream cake! It was Oreo and very tasty! D was also very sweet and got me a couple of gifts. He bought me a really cute hat and a sweet new North Face jacket so that I can FINALLY throw away my grey jacket that he has wanted me to get rid of for forever. Lets face it the thing is totally trashed and it is overdue for retirement.

D did a great job with the gifts that he bought and truly made me feel special all day long. I ended the day with a nice gift from baby g, sleep from ten to twelve. It was heavenly.

I had a marvelous birthday and look forward to all that my 24th year has in store for me.


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Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!