Sunday, May 15, 2011

day in the life

I think on occasion I will write a little more in detail about a specific day in the life of the Leavitt family. This may or may not be information you care to know but since this is my blog I can write whatever I want. So here I go!

What a day it has been! It started out a bit rough coming from a more challenging night. I felt I got significantly less sleep than usual and I was tired. I was finally able to get back to bed around nine and thankfully was able to sleep until around eleven. I fed baby g and then he just wanted to hang out. I used this time period to eat, tidy the kitchen and clean the bathroom. It was great how much I was able to get done. Then it was time to feed again and this time take a nap afterwards. Baby g went down with a little love and rocking from D. I then got the longest span of free time I have had in a long time thanks to D doing some baby g holding. I was able to. . .

- clean the shower
- start and finish two loads of laundry
- get myself completely ready (makeup, hair blow dried and straightened and dressed)
- transitioned winter clothes out of closet and summer clothes in
- prepare and eat lunch

Can you believe all that!? I was beyond thrilled that I could get that much accomplished. I am so thankful I have an amazing partner in this parenting business so I can have opportunities to do other things outside of baby care.

After feeding baby g we loaded him up and headed to Walmart to do some MAJOR grocery shopping. We ran into a bit of a glitch when baby g decided that he was unhappy in his car seat. D ended up having to push around the cart holding the car seat with one hand that while holding baby g in the other. I was in charge of getting all the groceries. It was pretty intense and D was a total trooper.

Once done at Walmart baby g was actually being pretty good and D gave me the go ahead to make a quick stop at JoAnnes fabric store to pick up some fabric to make a wrap that i can use to tote around baby g. This final stop however pushed baby g over the edge and by the time I got back to the car he was not happy. He cried hard the entire way home and then proceeded to fall asleep right as we pulled in at home! We laughed about his impeccable timing.

Our torture of the poor child didn't end with the Walmart trip. Oh no, baby g was in dire need of a bath. This isn't necessarily one of his favorite things although he actually only cried through washing his hair which I thought made his bath quite a success. I think one day he is really going to love baths. After the bathing, diapering, lotioning and dressing torture were completed he FINALLY got to cuddle with mom and eat. He definitely liked that and mom was able to take a big breath and relax.

It is days like today where I am grateful I even survive but at the same time I am so grateful for all the good that occurs. Slowly but surely we are figuring out this parenting stuff and by george it sure is an adventure!