Saturday, May 7, 2011

my new best friend

. . . actually my TWO new best friends.

Of course my first new best friend is sweet baby g. We are buds and are having a great time hanging out with one another.

My second new best friend is my iPod Touch. We had a bit of a falling out when we first got together because frankly it couldn't do all the cool stuff I wanted it to because I had to have Internet connection in order to do anything. Well now that I am home and rocking chair bound we have rekindled our relationship and let me tell you we have become very close!

This little device has been awesome because I can still get SOME things done while I care for baby g. We're talking answering emails, keeping up on friends lives via Facebook, writing in my journal and now blogging! Pretty stinkin awesome if you ask me.

P.S. This makes me want an iPhone more than anything now. Can you imagine all this power at your fingertips NO MATTER where you are? What a dream.