Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Parents

Describe your relationship with your parents

I love my parents so much. They are great examples to me and I really admire and look up to them. Here are a few thoughts on each of them. . . 
Relationship with my Dad
Me and my dad are very similar in personality. We have a lot of the same attributes when it comes to hard work, motivation and problem solving. During those wonderful teenage years this caused for an occasional clashing of sorts because when you put two of the same type of people in a room on different sides of the argument there isn't much hope for finding a solution that makes both parties happy, especially when one of those individuals is a stubborn, has to be right teenager. Thankfully my dad patiently endured. I have many fond memories of having post game talks with him. Seeking his advice on how to improve my game (soccer). I loved receiving his praise. I felt like I was the Heisman trophy winner when my dad told me I had done something well. My dad has taught me about hard work, making smart decisions and how to have a good time even if you look a little goofy. I know my dad will always be there for me and for our family because he is just that kind of guy. Reliable, dependable and stalwart.  I am so grateful for a loving father who has taught me more life lessons than I can count. 
Relationship with my Mom
Simply put my mom is one of my very best friends. Giving me an hour to myself with my mom is like giving me gold. I love spending time with her. She lifts me, she encourages me, she laughs at my jokes. I always come away feeling more ready to face the world after talking or being with my mom. She just has a way of putting a little more gasoline to your fire. My mom is kind, thoughtful, giving, selfless and full of love. I strive every single day to be the kind of mother that I have had. My mom has been there through all the ups and downs of my life. Many times I have cried on her shoulder. I have excitedly shared news. I have expressed worries and concerns. I have sought for help and advice. I have been  taught and shown how to be a valiant woman of God. Words can't express the love I have for my mom. She is super woman in my eyes and I marvel at all she does and is. The world and especially my world are so much better with my mom in it. 

Love you both!!