Tuesday, September 23, 2008

24 hour fitness

I am looking into getting my very first gym membership. I live really close to 24 hour Fitness like basically a 5 minute run so the convenience factor is checked off my list. I took in my little piece of paper to redeem my 7 day trial pass. I was greeted by a somewhat loud and obnoxious guy who is one of those people that makes quiet unsure people feel even more quiet and unsure. He gave me a grand tour of the gym and I was impressed. It is a nice facility and I think that I could really get my money's worth out of a membership. One of the things that I love is the fact that it is only a month to month contract. LOVE THAT! I am all about non commitment or as little commitment as possible and so the month to month contract is so great. It also isn't all that much a month either. So needless to say I am leaning towards actually biting the bullet and getting a membership.

Only downside...I need to get over my dislike and fear of lifting weights in front of people (especially gigantic guys pumping 100's of pounds while I lift my dinky 10 lb dumb bell!). I just always have the feeling that people are watching me and it creeps me out! I am going to work on it though...I really have no other choice. Get over lifting in front of people or be fat. Those are my options. I think I know which option I will choose.

After my somewhat short and unproductive work out (I ran into a friend and chatted way longer than I should have...whoops!) I proceeded to run home. Now I am the kind of person that tends to worry a lot and gets kind of paranoid about things. One of those things is running at night and so I wasn't feeling super comfortable as I ran home in the dark. I was running along a pretty busy street though so that was helping me to feel a bit safer. As I was running a car drove by with probably some really young and immature freshman inside who decided to yell at the top of his lungs as they drove by and you would have thought someone had just attacked me! I think my heart skipped like 5 beats! From there I was really on edge and just REALLY wanting to get home and FAST. I was just about to head up the stairwell of my apt. complex and some girl comes walking out of the creepy shadows and just about gave me another heart attack! I was really happy to walk into the safety of my apartment. Thank heavens dead bolts.


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lol wow miss...you need to be more careful! You can't go running aroung the ghettos of provo at night! You're crazy! You shouldnt be running alone anyway. Just a word of caution...24hr has the tendency to screw you. Just be careful. Its great if it is close and convenient for you and if you feel like you will use it often, they have great classes and tons of equipment...just don't do personal training(their personal trainers don't know proper techniques they drive me crazy) and when you quit or drop your membership remember you have to do it 30 days in advance. So its more like its 2 months at a time instead of month to month. Its nice that its month to month, just be on top of it when you need to cancel. Brock and I got 24 hr passes and just never ended up using them -he had his surgery so he never went, and i just really didn't like the environment so I went to the school and work gyms instead...just saying we got screwed because we fell into the trap of being all excited to join cause some obnoxious salesman needed to make a sell and gave us a "great deal." Anyway, unless you call and cancel right way, you get charged for 2 months. lol and you have to call the hotline to cancel which has weird people...anyway just a heads up. But if its convienent then go for it! Its far better then golds gym...i would kill you if you joined Gold's Gym. PS love your simple pleasures list