Friday, September 12, 2008

New obsession...

So I have a new obsession. I go through phases where I am simply obsessed with certain things. Some things I never become un-obsessed with such as Carmex, Wicked, and chocolate. Now my obsessions will always be favorites but the current obsession is just at the very top of the favorite category.

Anywho...on to my new obsession. I am obsessed with LEONA LEWIS!

Seriously, LOVE her. I have recently become a BIG fan of Pandora ( in which I listen to my Leona Lewis station all day long! The obsession began when I was listening to my Leona Lewis station (which I created simply because I LOVE her song Bleeding Love). I would hear these songs that I hadn't heard before and I would think to myself "This is a good song! I wonder who sings it?" So I would go and look and see who it was and guess who it guessed very own Leona! So basically I am in great anticipation for my next pay check (I currently have .11 cents to my name, the reason for that is for another time and another post) so that I can buy her WHOLE album "Spirit." Monday is PAY DAY! : ) Just a few more days and I can satisfy my addiction.

P.S. Rachel and Brock came to visit me yesterday on their way to some surprise romantic getaway(Brock was surprising Rachel) for their 1 year anniversary! Can't believe they have been married for a year! Crazy! I love them so much though and I am so glad that they stopped and said "hi."


Ellie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love Pandora! And Wicked, consequently. Don't know Leona Lewis, I don't think, though the name is vaguely familiar. Must check her out...