Monday, September 15, 2008

Taxes are of the devil

Today was pay day and normally you would think that would be a happy occasion and it was partially because now I can pay off my over draft, I can pay my parents back the small debt that I owe them, and buy and iron and ironing board! Oh and get the Leona Lewis' CD which I have already purchased from itunes and am listening to it RIGHT NOW! Love it!

Now the sad part of this story comes in when I opened my statement saw what I made and then saw how much I was actually getting. Depression, wanting to cry, and a little frustration would accurately describe how I was feeling.

What is the deal with dinging single people so stinking much! Isn't that discimination!? Well although I was sad to see so much of my pay check going into someone elses pocket I am grateful to be worth more then .11 cents now. Ironing board here I come!