Tuesday, May 1, 2012

20 Random Facts About Me

List 20 random facts about yourself
  1. I love bread and eat it at almost every single meal and sometimes as a snack
  2. I have an addendum to my birth certificate because my parents changed the spelling of my name from two "s" to one "s"
  3. I have two scars on my forehead. Each from a family member. Roller skates and hot curling iron is all that needs to be said. 
  4. I hate the sound of people smacking (chewing with their mouth open). Biggest. Pet. Peeve. Ever.
  5. I sat my parents down at age 4 and told my parents they weren't spending enough time with me (post little bro being born) I am the oldest and really liked being the center of attention. Still do. In a healthy way of course. 
  6. I am a blog looker. I hardly ever read blogs. I just look at the pictures. They are like grownup picture books. 
  7. I love Italian food
  8. I dig awesome chapstick especially Carmex
  9. I love flossing my teeth
  10. I cried probably 6 different times within the first 24 hours of being married (I was on an emotional roller coaster. I was SO happy to be married but golly there is a lot to take in after one gets married!)
  11. I hate doing dishes
  12. I look forward to waking up so that I can eat breakfast
  13. I really like trying on shoes (way better than trying on clothes, shoes look awesome on you almost 99% of the time) 
  14. I have a bamboo plant sitting on my desk
  15. I love getting the mail
  16. I would love to have a fresh out of the dryer towel every single day
  17. I liked to create my own talk shows as a kid. I pretty much never stopped talking. 
  18. When I was young I rocked the side ponytail like no ones business
  19. I love my iPhone probably a little too much
  20. My keyboard is really loud when I type and I pretty much love that. I sound really productive when I type. 


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I Like the list marisa! I remember your side pony tails when we were little. I was always jealous because I had a mushroom hair cut/perm! haha! Sounds hideous but it looked good on me...