Monday, October 6, 2008

Attack of the Umbrella

First of all I had the most WONDERFUL weekend of my life. I was home with the family and a very special significant other, relaxing and enjoying the special spirit of conference. It really couldn’t have gotten any better. As part of the wonderful weekend “significant other,” which I am going to refer to him as for anonymity and mysteriousness : ), and I were able to attend the Saturday afternoon session of conference with my family. As I am sure you are aware it rained hardcore most of the day. After the session was over Significant Other (S.O.) and I decided to go and check out a collection of artwork being displayed at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Thankfully we had an umbrella, as did the bazillion other people surrounding the Conference Center.

While walking to the JSMB we ran into a friend of S.O's. In the process of our chat with this friend a couple with one of those huge umbrella’s that soccer mom’s prop up at soccer games that shade the entire sideline comes walking through the crowd. What happened next had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen! The man and his wife were briskly walking and most definitely not paying attention to where their ginormous umbrella was landing. As they walked by S.O's friend the umbrella hooked around his head and he had to duck to keep from getting drug along with the couple! I couldn’t believe that this clueless couple had just about taken off this kid’s head! Funniest part about it was that they did it to someone else about 5 seconds later! Lesson to be learned here, watch where you’re hooking your umbrella or else you might find you have some additional passengers.