Thursday, October 23, 2008

may as well have been wearing nothing

My roommates and I made a little trip to the mall this evening and were having a wonderful time perusing and looking at a bunch of things that we couldn't afford. We wandered into Wet Seal because I wanted to get myself a cute red belt to go with a black shirt that I have. By the way this is the belt that you wear more around your stomach rather than you waist. Anywho...I found the belt I wanted and went to go and pay for it. As I approached the counter what do you think I found?? A quarter dressed girl... she wasn't even half dressed! I am serious this girl was barely wearing anything.

Not to paint an ugly picture in your head but it needs to be done. The girl was wearing what should have been a shirt...and it wasn't a very long shirt I might add...and this shirt was all she was wearing. That's right ladies and gentleman she had no pants on and her supposed "dress" was not covering much. It doesn't end there the top didn't have much to it either and I wondered if it was going to fall off the front of her. Needless to say this girl was barely covering herself, she put a sweater over this shirt/wanna be dress like that was going to make it any better. I walked out of the store amazed and just kept wondering how she could possibly feel comfortable in what she was wearing not mention keep warm!