Wednesday, October 1, 2008

like an old sneaker

Unfortunately I had some car problems this weekend. Out of the goodness of my heart I let my not so little brother but most definitely younger brother (I have still got him on that one even if he is at least a foot taller than me) take my car on his b-day to go ice skating with his friends. I was not excited to get a phone call from my kid brother asking if my window doesn't go thoughts...ummm yeah it usually does a pretty good job of going up and down. Long story short, window got stuck DOWN and put me in a pickle.

I was very frustrated and annoyed as I thought of how inconvenient this was. I needed a car! I would have to become that ghetto car with duck tape and plastic on the side, find somewhere to take the car to get fixed, and finally find a time to do it (how do people do this when they work full time!??). Needless to say I started to think of possible alternatives to this oh so enticing plan.

Wouldn't it be so nice if I could leave my car at home, take my dad's very nice Acura back to Provo, have my dad take the car to a trusty mechanic, and I come back to get my car once it is fixed! Sounds like a plan to me! And that was the plan I went for! It took a little convincing but my dad (out of the goodness of his heart) let me take HIS very nice Acura while he so kindly took care of the window problem.

I am not going to lie it was a lot of fun driving around a car that I will probably never be able to afford. Not only did I love driving it but it was awesome to know that people were totally checking out my ride! It was fun but I was also basically paranoid every time I drove it anywhere because I was afraid I would get some kind of dent in it or something. I had the car for Monday and Tuesday and drove back home to pick up my car on Tuesday night.

This may sound so dumb but when I climbed into my '94 Lexus after two days of driving a 2000 something felt SO good. It was like putting on an old pair of sneakers. So comfortable and it just felt good. I had missed my car! I had missed the way it drives (which is very smooth by the way), the funny noises it makes, and the lack of any acceleration. I have a much greater appreciation for my car and hope that she will get me through one more winter...we'll hope!


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lol funny story...i never want to hear you complain about your car again...fits like old I hope your dad didn't read this blog...he probably wont be very willing to help you get a new car anymore.