Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I totally fell out of the blogoshpere for awhile and I have truly been neglecting my blogging duties and to be honest I have missed it so much!

My excuse...I was preparing to go to Idaho and then I was in Idaho and then I was catching up after being in Idaho. So basically it is Idaho's fault that my blog hasn't been updated in way too long. But I am here to give the latest!

As I am sure you have gathered I went to Idaho this past weekend. I took off a couple hours from work on Friday and began making my TREK to Idaho...yes TREK. That is such a long drive. I know I am weak sauce but 4 hours in a car is just not an enjoyable experience for me. I am not used to driving 4 hours I am used to 3 and so the one extra hour just about put me over the edge. Luckily it was somewhat scenic and I had good music and talks to listen to on my way there.
I arrived in Rexburg about 6:45 and boy was that a weird feeling. It was so great and so weird to be back in my college town after only having been away for 3 months. I felt as though it wasn't mine anymore and that I didn't really belong there. Yet at the same time it felt so familiar and so good. I hung with S.O. for a bit before I left him for a night of total GIRL FUN!

I stayed with my roommate of 9 months whom I just adore and loved getting to see. We went to Guitars Unplugged which is probably the best event held on the BYU-Idaho campus. It was fun to get to be in the student scene again. It kind of made me miss it and I determined that I need to get a life. At the same time I was happy to be done with the college scene. Weird how you can have two totally different emotions. Roomie of 9 months and I went and got Domino's pizza after Guitars Unplugged (where we have had many interesting experiences) and also rented a movie at good ole Horkley's! The night was so fun and of course didn't end until 4:00 a.m.

I had told S.O. before the weekend that the only two things I wanted to do was to...

1. Go to the temple and do baptisms
2. Take a walk around campus

The first occurred at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning (which was still a little to early with bedtime having only been 6 hours earlier). We had a really nice time at the temple and the cute temple workers were so accommodating. I love that temple.

After baptisims I got ready for the day and met back up with S.O. and we proceeded to have a day of getting in touch with our inner cowboy/cowgirl. We did as the country folk do. We spent the day at S.O.'s roommates house on his acres and acres of land. I got to to ride a combine, shoot a gun (twice, and I missed the clay pigeon both times. But S.O. never missed a shot! I was so proud), play soccer, football, basketball, and then the kicker made a pipe bomb. That's right I had my first experience with a pipe bomb and frankly it scared the crap out of me. Why boy's have these desires to blow things up is beyond me, how they get the knowledge to blow things up without killing themselves is incomprehensible.

The rest of the night included...
1. Hamburgers and cold lemonade
2. S.O. and I getting creamed in Foosball (twice)
3. Me getting shot across the room when S.O. jumped on the other side of the love sack. This was repeated because it was just too funny!

4. Turing the sound off of the movie "Little Rascals" and doing our own commentary. This only lasted for about 20 minutes and then we just watched the movie. Great idea though...just have to be in the right kind of mood and have the right kind of people. We were lacking the mood.

5. Leaving S.O.'s roommates house 7 times and each time it got even more funny! An awesome tradition is held at this roommates home that you fake like you are leaving but then you turn around and go back around the circle again and the whole family always stays at the window and waves. We did this 7 times and each time the WHOLE family was still at the window waving and we honked our horn and waved back. I thought I was going to die of laughter!

Sunday was fantastic and I got my walk through the gardens with a significant other which I have always wanted and funny that I got it AFTER I graduated. I had a wonderful dinner prepared for me by S.O. and then was able to get on the road at a decent hour so that I could get home. I stayed at home with my family for the night and it made for a great ending to a great weekend!
Here are some pictures of my country experience!