Monday, October 6, 2008

Women at the Priesthood Session?

After the second Saturday session of Conference, and viewing the artwork at the JSMB , S.O. and I were walking back to see if he could get into the tabernacle to watch the priesthood session while I went and caught up with a good friend from the good ole day’s at BYU-I. As we walked up to the sweet old men who were helping at the Tabernacle, S.O. asked if they were letting people in to watch the priesthood session. The man just stared and looked at us, and you could tell the wheels were churning in his head as he looked and me and wondered how he was going to tell us that I was not invited to priesthood. LOL! As I realized that this is what he was thinking I quickly responded that I was leaving and with great relief he replied that they were letting people (more specifically men) into the building to watch the session. Not going to lie it was pretty stinking hilarious to see that mans face when he thought that I wanted to come to priesthood! I think that I will leave the priesthood session going to the men.