Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful November 20th

So thankful that the piano playing maniacs upstairs [I swear they never stop playing the piano. I wake up and they are playing the piano. I come home for lunch and they are playing the piano. I am eating dinner and they are playing the piano. I am going to bed at 12:00 at night and they are playing the piano (this is for real)] Anywho...the piano playing maniacs upstairs learned how to actually play a real song! For the past three months that I have lived in my apt. the piano playing person(s) have only been playing random scales and what sounds like random pounding of the piano day in and day out. Thankfully today I recognized a tune! I couldn't believe it. I am forever going to have "Because I Have Been Given Much" stuck in my head but it is nice to actually get to hear a song! For this I am grateful.


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Miss you are a little behind on your grateful list....Are you distracted this weekend? Did someone come down from Idaho to distract you?