Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can't take it back now

I am working away at work on Friday and get a text from my sweet mother that says. . .


My brother had a high school football playoff game on Friday and because I had to work I wasn't able to attend. So being so glad that my mom thought to tell me the final score I texted her back and said "Yeah! Oh man I am so excited!" I wanted to tell my brother congrats on a big win and the chance to continue on in the playoffs. I was about to ask my mom if my brother was there so I could tell him congrats through her, but I didn't. That was my first mistake. I thought why do that when I can just text my bro directly on his own phone. So I text him this "CONGRATULATIONS! Dude I am so excited you won! That is so sweet! Who will you play next?" This was my second mistake. Like 5 minutes later I get this text from my mom.


My heart sank. The game wasn't over! I had already sent the congratulations text and the game wasn't over! I text my mom saying "Oh boy. I thought the text you sent me earlier was the final score. I will really be hoping they win now. Keep me posted." I later got a phone call from my mom saying. "You better figure out a way to get that text back."

Unfortunately Davis had lost by 1 point! I was so bummed out and felt even worse that my brother had a congratulations text waiting for him and how much that was going to stink to read when it wasn't true. I tried to smooth things over with my brother by explaining that I text him what I did because of my mom's lack of clarity in texting and that I had gotten confused. I told him I was sorry that Davis had lost but that I still thought he was awesome! He will be ok.

I learned a valuable lesson about texting. Even when you are trying to use it for good sometimes it can come back to bite you in the toosh, and hard. Never assume you know what someone means by their text. Don't send the congratulations text before you KNOW that it is actually in order.

P.S. The mistake was totally MY fault but it was just easier to smooth things over with my bro by saying it was my mom's lack of specificity that caused me to get confused. My mom rocks and I LOVE that she texts my brother and I. She is so good to try and communicate with us the way we are communicating these days. Love you mom! By the way she is getting good at texting...even if I interpret them wrong. LOL!