Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thankful November 16th

I am so thankful for roommates. I am thankful for past and present roommates. Good roommates that is. I have been so blessed by having really great roommates. Every stage of my life I have had roommates that have been a perfect fit for what I needed at that time. I had such fun roommates when I was a freshman. We were crazy and lived the college life to its fullest. That is when I began to realize what a true meaningful friendship meant. As I moved onto new roommates I found even more what it was like to really open up to someone and to literally feel as though you can share anything with them and that it will be safe. I have been taught so much by the girls I have lived with and I would never change any of it for the world. I love my cute roomies now. I was left all alone today and I really missed having them around. I am so grateful for the wonderful roommates that I have had and currently have and the way in which they have impacted my life.


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You are welcome for the History lesson...thought it was important for everyone to know lol. I had a lot of fun on Saturday night as well. I'm glad that we have decided to do monthly dates. What should we do next month? (PS you are going to love your furture roommate too..someday..when the time comes....someday in the future...who knows when that will be but just saying when it does come you are going to love it lol)