Thursday, November 20, 2008

sweet surprise

I think you really love someone when you receive a package and you see their name is on the return address and you get REALLY excited! I mean REALLY excited.

S.O. sent me a little package which I received yesterday and it was such a lovely surprise. In my package was a beautifully written and sweet letter (love letter #8) [we send each other love letters because we are doing the long distance thing. You know flirt long distance style. We number them because when the first love letter was sent it was titled “Love Letter #1.” and have just kind of stuck with it since then. Now it is my turn to send love letter #9. How can I make it special?]. Also in the package was a Caramello. This boy really knows me! He knows of my deep love for chocolate and he sent this candy bar in hopes of satisfying my chocolate craving that comes so frequently.

I love packages. I love letters [especially love letters]. I love chocolate and I love S.O. I am one lucky girl!

I already ate some of the Caramello. Seriously, cravings all the time.