Saturday, November 29, 2008

T-day Recap

What a great weekend it has been and it isn't over! I am just now getting to catch up on my blog reading and writing and it is Saturday afternoon. I have kept myself busy spending time with family and of course S.O.

Thanksgiving was so nice. We had Thanksgiving here at our house. It was the Garrett's year so we had the grandparents and 4 out of the 6 of my dad's siblings with us as well. Also a wonderful addition to the crowd was S.O. who I happily introduced to all of my dad's family (I think we just have one more aunt & uncle to go on my dad's side). Also S.O. was introduced to my mom's dad, who had previously called and arranged to be sure to come when he could meet S.O. That's right, an interogation was going to go down.

[I love when my family is protective of me. I have had both grandparents express that they must approve of S.O. and make sure that he is good enough for me. I also have wonderful neighbors who also feel the same. It makes me feel so loved.]

After finding out what S.O. is studying and what he ultimately wants to do my grandpa told me that he approved. I officially have approval from both grandpa's so I am good to go! I wasn't worried. S.O. is very impressive and an amazing young man. Who wouldn't be impressed?

T-day went well without too many embarrassing moments until both of my grandpa's talking about beer. This had to be the funniest thing but completely out of the ordinary. I was amazed how far they went with joking about having a few beers in the fridge. Finally my dad cut in and said something like "Alright you two not in this house!" LOL! I thought it was the cutest thing to watch both of my grandpas chuckle and smile at the reaction they had gotten out of their antics. I have such a great family!

S.O. and I also spent some time with his family. This included a lively game of Catch Phrase in which the girls whomped on the boys for both games. We also played a compatibility game with S.O.'s married brother and sister. With three couples total S.O. and I came in second (with a little bit of cheating. I know I know cheating is wrong but give us a break we were already at a disadvantage because we were the only ones not married. We had to even the playing field a little bit.) Both S.O. and I agreed that it was a stupid game and was all pure luck and had nothing to do with compatibility. It was good times though. I really do love S.O.'s family.

Overall the big T-day was wonderful and couldn't have been more perfect. I am a very blessed and I had a lot of gratitude for these blessings this Thanksgiving.