Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thankful November

Today I had got the greatest idea from one of my co-workers to make November the month to be grateful. You know with the whole Thanksgiving holiday at the end of this month and all I think it is very suiting. I decided that I am going to post something that I am grateful for everyday this month. Now I am obviously a little behind because today is the 4th so I need to do a little catch up before I am on track. So here are the things I have been grateful for the last four days.

1. Family and that they are always there for you
2. Relief Society and the sweet sisterhood that is there
3. Apt. that has heat
4. My freedom and to be an American

I would love to hear what you are grateful for each day as I go along. I have a really big pet peeve...and that is that Thanksgiving always gets looked over and everyone goes straight to Christmas. Well not me I am going to give Thanksgiving the attention that it rightly deserves!